Time for an L&D Health Check

You’ve just got the marching orders from the boss in a meeting: “We are falling behind in keeping our people up to date. Our staff isn’t motivated. What about some online training?”

Panacea or future headache, or somewhere in between?

Lots of questions, lots of choices, and of course, do it on a shoestring. The final word:  “Look into it and get back to me later this week.”

It’s time for the My Learning Space L&D Health Check.


Whether or not you already have a learning management system you aren’t happy with, or you’re under pressure to get one in place, the L&D Health Check is designed to give you a quick snapshot of your current organisational culture and how well suited it is for an LMS.

The L&D Health Check steps you through 18 simple questions related to learning and development in your organisation. We have built the tool based on our experience of L&D best practice spanning more than a decade with a range of leading organisations.

After completing the self-assessment, you will receive a personalised report that evaluates your organisation’s L&D performance across six key business elements:  Management, Strategy, Program, People, Technology and Culture.

The L&D Health Check is our way of helping you make the right decision and it’s a great way to take some credit for doing thorough and instant research, and not spend a dollar on consultants who may charge you a small fortune for information that probably won’t give you the immediate answers you want.

So why catch the flu when it comes to implementing an LMS?  Take the L&D Health Check instead.