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Enjoy learning

Have access to your Moodle platform when and where you need it with Moodle App.

From accessing offline learning materials to submitting quizzes and assignments, to receiving push notifications, have it all in the palm of your hands.

Moodle HQ provides a number of plans to get your app ready for action, however, if you would like a fully branded moodle app to match your brands look and feel, we can help.

There are plenty of reasons you will love the App. A fully Branded Moodle App includes:

Please get in touch to see how we can bring your site to life with a fully branded, mobile Moodle App today!

Is the Moodle App free?

The Moodle App itself is free for up to 50 active devices for push notifications. You can also access a maximum of 2 offline courses per device per site. Learners and trainers who use the Moodle app will never pay any fees. Moodle site administrators can choose to sign up for a paid plan to unlock premium features or else host with a Moodle Partner.

What are the App plans then?

A number of options are available to clients looking to add more devices and offline courses to their mobile site.

What is a Branded App and why do I need one?

A fully branded app showcases your own brand's identity to create a trusted and coherent learning experience. It is only available through Certified Moodle Partners, such as My Learning Space.