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With Moodle Workplace build

Introducing Moodle Workplace. Designed especially for the corporate and government sectors. Based on Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace is a game changer in the world of learning platforms.

It has all the functions of Moodle LMS with added features such as multi-tenancy, programs, organisational structure, dynamic rules and report builder.

Especially suited to large and complex organisations, here are some of the reasons you will love Moodle Workplace.


Whether you are a multi-national company or a government department, easily manage entities separately and at a lower cost with one site.

Intuitive User Experience

Provide a seamless user experience by enabling administrators and learners to effortlessly perform actions with just a few clicks.

Report Builder

Easily build custom reports and track learner progress and performance. Gain insights to better understand learner behaviours and improve learning experiences.

Build learning and compliance programs

Stay up-to-date with your organisation’s compliance needs by designing learning pathways for your teams. Encourage participation and validate learning through certification.

Organisational Structure

Create your organisational structure to respond to the needs of various user groups. This includes departments, positions, jobs and team managers.

Dynamic Rules

Automate workflows by defining conditions which trigger actions, such as the allocation of learning based on staff location, department or job position.

If Moodle Workplace is built on LMS, can I download it myself?

Moodle Workplace is not available in the same way as Moodle LMS. Moodle Workplace is only available via Certified Moodle Partners, to maintain the quality standard of Moodle Workplace.

Can we change from Moodle LMS to Workplace?

A standard Moodle site can be upgraded into Moodle Workplace. Moodle Workplace is only available via Certified Moodle Partners such as My Learning Space.

Which industry will benefit most from Moodle Workplace?

Though Moodle Workplace is highly scalable, multi-national companies and government departments with complex hierarchies and mandatory training requirements are best suited to make the most of its features.