L&D Health Check



How does it work?

The L&D Health Check steps you through 18 simple questions related to learning and development in your organisation. We have built this tool based on our experience of L&D best practice in a range of leading organisations spanning more than a decade.

Upon completing the self-assessment, you will receive a personalised report that evaluates your organisation’s L&D performance across 6 key business elements: Management, Strategy, Program, People, Technology and Culture.

Who is it for?

Consider doing the L&D Health Check if any of the following statements reflect your organisation:

  • Senior management do not endorse L&D, budget and resourcing are inadequate
  • Learning strategy is not aligned with organisational goals
  • Staff lack the necessary capabilities and competencies to perform their job
  • L&D does not support the requirements of all staff
  • A learning management system is not implemented or under utilised
  • The value and importance of L&D is not recognised

What are the benefits?

  • Feedback on the quality and effectiveness of your organisation’s L&D
  • Benchmarking of your organisation’s L&D performance as compared with industry best practice
  • Recommendations and action plan guidelines to help improve L&D in your organisation

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