2019 HR and LD Predictions

2019 is a year when learning will occupy the front seat in HR departments according to a global expert on HR trends.

In his white paper, “Talent, Technology and HR Predictions for 2019,” Josh Bersin writes:

The fastest growing segment of the HR market today is tools and systems for learning. Why? Because everyone’s job is changing before our eyes and we all want to learn as fast as we can. From an HR and L&D standpoint, this means embracing learning experience platforms, virtual reality, design thinking, and agile learning methodologies.

That’s very good news for L&D managers whose roles are expanding, not shrinking, in the fast growing knowledge economy. Breslin writes that L&D  managers should start looking at buying systems that teach work flow and AI tools.  

The new tools require HR and L&D leaders to work together to experiment with tools until they find the right fit.  What kind of tools are we talking about? AI can help HR and L&D managers in key areas like hiring, internal communications, eliminating repetitive admin tasks, and contributing to customer service. Chatbots are an example of automating responses to common employee questions during the onboarding process and even helping guide the customer journey through product use.

Another area where automation comes into play is pre-screening employees. An anaesthetics nurse hired at a private hospital, for example, can sit at home and take an online safety orientation class which tests her knowledge of specific emergency codes. The orientation test is machine scored and results delivered directly to the HR department which must adhere to local compliance regulations.

Sitting a test in a meeting room is no longer necessary.

This same employee, once hired, may have procedural questions about how to access timesheets and schedules, which are automatically posted to a central database and farmed out to a social media platform; on the platform the recent hire can respond by ticking a box accepting the schedule or comment on lack of availability for those days and hours. These are the repetitive admin tasks that Breslin writes can be eliminated with AI programs.

So, now is the time to embrace 2019 with an open mind about the tools available to integrate into your learning system to make it concordant with trends in HR and L&D.

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