What is Totara

Totara is a distribution of Moodle, the world’s most popular learning platform, designed specifically to meet the requirements of workplace learning and development. Totara is 100% open source software, stable, proven and scalable with all the features you’d expect in a corporate learning management system. Transform your organisation’s learning efficiency with Totara.

Totara is open source, there are no software license fees, making it a cost-effective solution. It is available for an annual subscription fee which covers patches, updates and new versions plus related costs for our expert services which may include Consultancy, Managed Hosting, Training and Support.

In addition to all the great functionality in Moodle, Totara offers the following key features:

  • Manage Programs – manage learning sets that define dependencies and control the order of competencies and courses to be completed by learners. Programs can be applied to an organisational level, position, cohort or individuals and can also be set to recur on a set cycle – this is ideal for annual compliance training;
  • Create Learning Plans – Create targeted learning pathways to support onboarding, compliance, organisational change and certification. Develop tailored learning plans to address individual skill gaps based on organisation goals, job roles and competencies. Plans can be created by learners and/or their managers;
  • Promote Informal and Social Learning – Totara supports the popular 70:20:10 learning model which has a strong focus on informal and workplace learning. With Totara, your staff can network, share ideas and tap into expert networks;
  • Performance Support – Provide access to e-learning, audio, video, slides and more. The sophisticated search function also allows learners to access these learning objects just in time to support their performance in specific tasks;
  • Create Blends – Successful learning involves a wide range of methods. As well as rich e-learning delivery, manage all your face to face events through Totara. Provide self-service and course booking;
  • Match Your Business Structure – With Totara you can create an organisational framework that matches the complexity of your business. Learners at different roles will automatically receive the plan that relates to them. Everyone is kept up to date;
  • Manage Your Teams – Managers can plan development across their team and to ensure that individual development plans fit with the wider team and organisational objectives;
  • Track Compliance – Use a powerful assessment engine so that you can create assessments from question banks, track performance and completion rates;
  • Report and Evaluate – You can configure dashboards, create custom reports and deploy surveys to ensure you have a complete picture of usage, assessment results and learner feedback;
  • Make it Easy for Users – A simple dashboard summarises all of the information your learners and managers need to know, making their experience intuitive.
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