What is Open EdTech?

Open EdTech (OET) is the future of education. The vision is to build a global platform for educators, learners and organisations. Best of all, it will be 100% free and open source.

OET infrastructure will include next generation hardware and software technologies. This will be federated across many participants, in much the same way as the systems which provide us the world wide web and email.

Key outcomes of OET include:

  • Quality open educational content aligned with curriculum
  • Exciting and rewarding human and educational experiences
  • Long-term and reliable storage of assessed qualifications
  • Efficient connection of learners with employment opportunities

The initiative is being championed by Moodle, the organisation which brings us the world’s most popular learning management system. An association will be established in Brussels, with its own board and direction, not governed by Moodle.

Globally speaking, with regard to the current state of the education market, it is fair to say, it is highly commercialised and fragmented – consequently, there is a tendency for key stakeholders to put ‘profits before people’. Not good for the future of global education.

In an effort to achieve United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #4 (Quality Education), OET intends to democratise education by ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Martin Dougiamas, Moodle Founder and CEO, explains Open EdTech

Starter projects include:

  • Connecting like-minded people into research groups around each component
  • Identifying key integration projects
  • Connecting funding to OET
  • Helping institutions learn and change

To learn more about this exciting initiative and get involved, please visit the Open EdTech website.