Using dynamic rules to automate certifications in Moodle Workplace

Programs allows organisations to create learning pathways for employees by adding a combination of courses or a hierarchical sequence of courses. A typical use case would be the onboarding of new employees. With the Moodle Workplace Certifications feature, Moodle Workplace administrations can specify and track requirements for recurring Programs and use dynamic rules to simply recertification.

Getting started with Certifications

In order to navigate to certifications, the administrators can use the Moodle Workplace launcher to the left of their profile. 

A certification has to be linked to a program with start and due dates defined. Outside of this time period, the program associated with the certification is not visible to learners. In this example, the certification starts once users are allocated to the program and becomes due two months after the end of the program.


From the Recertification section, administrators can select the ‘Yes’ option beside Require certification to keep the same initial program so that learners repeat it or select a different program, for example a refresher program. The dates will always be relative to the previous Certification dates. From the Users section, you can see all of the Users who have been allocated to the Certification. Users may be manually allocated by clicking the Allocate users button.

Dynamic rules

From the Dynamic rules section, as with Programs, automatic actions affecting the certification can be set up, such as awarding a badge or issuing a certificate. In this example, the Workplace admin is going to allocate the users to another Certification. 

With the Moodle Workplace Certifications feature, administrators can specify and track requirements for recurring programs. This is particularly useful for compliance training which has a defined validity period and needs to be retaken to keep employee Certifications up to date. 

You can learn more about the new features of Moodle Workplace 4.0 here.