Totara announces fork from Moodle

A one-stop shop is what many L&D professional are looking for when it comes to implementing a learning management system. Fortunately, My Learning Space, is just such a place to hang your learning and development hat.

Why?  Because it offers expertise not only with the most popular and widely used learning management system on the planet (Moodle) but it is also a Platinum Partner for Totara, which can meet just about any requirements brief posed by the corporate and government sectors.

Very few companies have this amicable relationship with both platforms.

Totara, which was founded on the Moodle core software, recently announced it plans to fork from Moodle in 2016 and go its own way giving it the freedom to innovate and invest in an improved user experience.

Totara is an ambitious, highly motivated company with major corporate clients worldwide.   Their business brief is different than Moodle’s, which was primarily envisioned as a free tool for educators.

It was only a matter of time before exigencies of the commercial world forced this split.  Different philosophies, two great products represented by My Learning Space.

The beauty of walking down the middle path for our clients. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about Moodle or Totara.