Totara – Reporting

Reporting is a key feature of Totara with a powerful, flexible report builder. Totara ensures you have a complete picture of usage, progress and achievement across your business.

Totara also includes a set of pre-configured dashboards which give each primary system role (Learner, Manager, Trainer, Assessor, and Administrator) an overview of key information.

To make the right decisions quickly, you need timely and targeted information at your fingertips

My Reports tab

  • Pre-built reports for each system role.
  • Allows personalisation by the user.
  • Scheduled reports can be sent via email at specified times.

My Dashboard page

  • Pre-built dashboards for each system role.
  • Allows personalisation by the user.
  • Provides timely and key information related to role such as alerts, tasks, statistics, news and events.

Report Builder

  • Build your own reports from scratch -no technical knowledge required!
  • Export reports to a variety of formats such as CSV.
  • Add in customised search filters to allow users to drill down into data.
  • Report on numerous data sources such as e-learning and assessments.
  • Assign pre-built or custom reports to any system role.
  • Filter reports by organisation, position or user information.

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