Totara – Content Management

Totara has a wide range of content authoring and management capabilities allowing you to create a course with both content and activities. Totara enables you to insert almost any kind of web content into your courses. There is also a huge range of learning activities – e.g. lessons, wikis, forums and assignments.
As well as creating your own content, you can add SCORM courseware or custom courseware – the choice is yours. Unlike other LMS products, you don’t have to ask your vendor to add new content, you are free to add as much courseware as you like, by yourself.

Totara gives you the best of both worlds, a solution that covers both authoring and learning management, and allows you to use your favourite authoring tools.

Content creation

  • Create course areas, which are containers for multiple resources and activities.
  • Create web pages within courses using the web page editing tool
  • Add resources to courses (documents, slides, audio and video)
  • Enable user generated content (journal, wiki and forum discussions)
  • Create quizzes and surveys

Advanced features

  • Use conditional linking so that a specific activity cannot be started until a prior activity has been completed or passed, while allowing other activities to display with no restrictions at all.
  • Use the permissions system to enable specific users with appropriate permissions to edit courses or add new content. You can assign these permissions on a per-course or site-wide basis
  • Use course groups to display different content and activities for different groups of learners, such as differing levels of ability or differing focus areas within a course.

Are you ready to get started with online content creation or import courseware from external sources? Contact us to discuss your requirement, request a demonstration or quote.