Totara 2.4 released

Totara 2.4 has been officially released. The release contains numerous improvements and introduces some significant new features.

Open badges support

  • Create and issue verifiable digital achievements
  • Define criteria to automatically issue badges
  • Link to an external “backpack” to import and export badges
  • Badges compliant with Mozilla Open Badges standard

Major improvements to Face-to-face including:

  • Ability to create and assign rooms to sessions
  • Room, trainer and user conflict management
  • Activity and session wide notifications
  • Notification templates

Support for user-supplied evidence in Learning plans and Record of Learning

  • Create evidence of learning outside the LMS
  • Link evidence to items within a learning plan
  • Admin can create evidence types to support categorisation of evidence

Learning plan improvements

  • Ability to allow users to select from multiple learning plan templates
  • Ability to bulk create learning plans for all users within an audience

External database plugin for Totara Sync

  • Ability to connect to a separate database to sync users, positions and organisations

Performance settings for Report Builder:

  • Option to cache reports
  • Option to generate reports from a separate reporting database
  • Option to prevent loading of report until filters are applied

This release updates Totara to be based on Moodle 2.4, which includes the following improvements:

  • Improvements to file picker (including usability improvements, drag and drop in supported browsers, file aliases)
  • Improvements to course editing (including drag and drop to add content in supported browsers, new activity picker, moving blocks, sections and resourses by dragging)
  • Repository improvements (including EQUELLA repository support, aliases within repositories, access to server files for more activities)
  • A new assignment module
  • Improvements to the quiz, SCORM and workshop modules
  • Performance improvements (including new ‘Moodle Universal Cache’)
  • Course format plugins
  • Improved icon support
  • Improved TinyMCE editor integration (including customising the toolbar icons via settings)
  • Integration of external calendars (allows streaming of external calendar events into Totara via iCal)
  • Full support for unicode filenames in zip archives

For more details on the Moodle changes see:


See INSTALL.txt for the new system requirements for 2.4.

API Changes:

  • Moodle API changes as detailed in the Moodle release notes
  • Report builder activity groups are deprecated. The menu item has been removed from 2.4 and code will be removed in a subsequent release.
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