Totara 12 has Been Released!

Totara Learn 12 is here. We’ve been waiting for it and we are happy to say, despite a few set backs, the new update of the learning management system is up and running. In this article, we will walk through the changes Totara Learn has undergone. 

December has been a busy month for Learning Management System updates. With Moodle’s launch early last week, and now Totara release too. It is an exciting time with lots of new features, improvements and developments to explore on both Totara Learn 12 and Moodle v3.6. 

Totara Learn 12 is all about new features, new design and new navigation. In summary, the organisation explained the update in the following way:  

Featuring a new top navigation, learning catalogue, and content marketplace, as well as an improved homepage experience, and much more, Totara Learn 12 enhances user experience and gives organisations many useful tools to better create engaging learning management systems customised to their unique needs – Totara, 2018. 


Some of the key areas of improvement in the update are explored in further depth below. 


New Learning Catalogue 

It is important for learners to access the right learning content with ease, enhancing their user-experience. Therefore, Totara Learn 12 has introduced a new tile-based catalogue which is highly visual and provides an intuitive, image-based interface for browsing, filtering, sorting and searching learning items. More importantly, the catalogue can be customised for learners. 


Designing with Configuration 

Creating a custom look and feel for your Totara site is now easier than ever before with a range of improvements of the block functionality. Blocks are items which may be added to almost any page in Totara Learn and can be used to add additional content to pages throughout your Totara Learn site. An example is a Calendar block, which allows users to customise their dashboard with a calendar. On Totara Learn 12, blocks can now be added header and footer regions. 


HR Import Updates 

The HR Import tool is already powerful in its ability to import organisation and user data from other systems into that of Totara. It has been extended to include the creation and update of competency frameworks. Additionally, each HR Import element now has its own specific import options, helping organisations to pull different information from difference sources. 


Navigation Improvements 

Alongside design and layout changes, Totara Learn 12 includes a few changes to navigation. The header, footer and front page course lists are more condensed, the content of the navigation block has been refined and the site administration menu has undergone major redesign. All of this is in aim to reduce distractions and optimise space within your learning management system portal. 


Explore the Content Marketplace

The content marketplace is a platform where paid and free learning content from trusted learning partners can be accessed. Totara Partners or other content providers can implement their own content marketplace plugins or use the GO1 marketplace, included in Totara Learn 12. 


Find out more about the Totara Learn 12 updates and improvements by watching the videos below.