The advantages of custom content

Off-the-shelf content is designed to accommodate a large audience and cover a diverse spectrum of workplace topics – such as Workplace Health & Safety, Bullying and Harassment, Anti-discrimination and so on. As it is marketed to a wide customer base, off-the-shelf content is often generic and not well supported or maintained.

Additionally, the vendor often sells packages with a catalogue of training to choose from – via a content marketplace or similar. However, it is often a case of quantity over quality with generic lukewarm content which offers little engagement or satisfaction to the end-user.

Custom content on the other hand is designed to be fit for purpose and is developed to meet your organisation’s specific needs and audience, as well as to integrate seamlessly into your LMS and learning strategy.

Additionally custom content: 

  • has elements that represent organisational culture and branding.
  • incorporates training which is specific to the organisation and its industry.
  • incorporates stories and testimonials which are unique to the organisation and its people. 
  • can be edited, updated and maintained regularly.
  • have subject matter experts involved. 
  • is owned by your organisation.
  • can be designed to fit your organisation’s learning and training strategy.

Custom content is a winner as you get exactly what you want, rather than having to compromise. Organisationally branded content can boost learner engagement and motivation when designed correctly.

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