Moodle Workplace Preview

For current users of Moodle, or those considering how appropriate the hugely popular LMS would work for their business, Moodle is listening. The open-source learning management system is moving into the workplace – full time.

Moodle is well known in the educational space and has been adapted successfully by organisations and businesses globally, making Moodle the most popular LMS in the world with 150 million registered users.

Very soon, Moodle HQ will be coming out with a workplace version that will incorporate key features requested by many organisations.

Some of the key features developed for Moodle Workplace include:

  • Better architecture for training and compliance. Features: recurring certification within defined time periods
  • Conforms to your organisation structure. Features: Better defined reporting hierarchies and assigns management rights and security permissions to each role.
  • Better integration. Features: Syncing with HR systems and exporting of company structure
  • Automates course enrolments: Features: Security Management for each user group and ability to make templates
  • Anytime-any device. Features: Develop your own branded Workplace App to hook into your version of Moodle workplace
  • Customise your look and feel. Features: New clean design
  • Customise your reports: Features: Drag-and-drop interface with instant previewing

Here’s a preview…



Moodle Workplace - Learner view

If your organisation wants to upgrade from your standard Moodle site, you will be able to use the existing import/export functionality to migrate course materials. Moodle will be fine tuning its Workplace version with select partners and the global Moodle developer community.

The scheduled release of Moodle Workplace is third-quarter 2019 through Moodle Partners. My Learning Space will keep you posted as the release date draws closer about any developments with Moodle Workplace. Watch this space!