Personalise Your LMS

How can you personalise your company’s Learning Management System (LMS) to make sure the money you invested to roll it out pays your employees back in improving their training?

One of the ways to effectively make your LMS work for you is put in dashboards (the subject of another article). Dashboards give your staff a heads up on how they are performing with infographics acting as a data interface.

But an often overlooked area of customising your LMS is its searchability. As Google users know, the search window is an instant gateway to information. A shortcut to LMS information should involve a search window that can take learners to the exact spot they want to go. The searches will often involve learning objects, specific training and discussion threads. User profiles can drive the search parameters. Knowing how to design this window on your content is a critical aspect to an engaging LMS so you need to consult with data management experts.

Another area that will make your LMS more personal is to build in a book marking and note taking functionality. This will help users return to the exact location where they left off in the training and review what they need to improve on. Companies can also review the way bookmarks are used to find out what content is working well with users.

Moodle Badges

Moodle offers a wide selection of Enterprise badges for your LMS

Gamification elements are also becoming important in personalising your LMS. Badges are part of this process and Moodle offers free downloadable badges that reward your learners with a visual representation of their successful training. Leaderboards like those found in golf tournaments are a more controversial aspect of gamification of learning. Companies are starting to shy away from their use because they can single out people for not performing well and demotivate learners. Leaderboards are being replaced by team or regional performance metrics.

Always remember that learners have different styles. Some prefer working in teams, others individually. Your content should reflect these diverse learning styles. A combination of formats should be used that include video, .pdfs, discussion boards, interactive games, etc. There is no one size fits all approach. Mix it up to stir up interest.

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