Custom Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia

The Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia Inc. (CBFCA) is a peak industry body for service providers in the international trade sector in Australia.

They are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that delivers Diploma level courses to the industry and beyond.

CBFCA’s diploma programs are delivered through the International Trade and Logistics College – the e-learning College of the CBFCA.

Moodle is proud to be able to assist the delivery of the diploma programs in the e-learning environment.

“CBFCA started using the Moodle learning management system in 2009,” said Bill Murphy, Manager Professional Development & Training at CBFCA.

“Prior to Moodle, we used a proprietary system created by a local supplier.”

“Being locked into a proprietary system was of concern to us and so we looked for a product that had a greater level of general use.”

“Moodle was the obvious choice because of its wide use worldwide and the support provided by the Moodle community.”

CBFCA engaged the support of Moodle Partner, My Learning Space, to customise their Moodle site so that it meets the needs of their students.

“My Learning Space helped us with instructional design ideas, theme development and improvements to the student interface in Moodle,” commented Mr Murphy.

CBFCA’s use of Moodle has evolved since it was implemented in 2009. As the Moodle software continues to improve in functionality, so has CBFCA’s use of it to deliver their Diploma level courses.

“Of special interest to us is to leverage ways to optimise our student interactivity through forums which is a key component of our courses,” observed Mr Murphy.

“Improvements to Moodle over the years have allowed us to use these forums in much more interesting ways including client simulations that bring the interaction to life.”

For more information about CBFCA and their provision of Diploma courses in the international trade sector, please visit http://www.cbfca.com.au

To get in touch with My Learning Space, one of Moodle’s Certified Partners in Australia, please visit https://www.mylearningspace.com.au

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