New Years Resolution – Digital Dieting

A New Years resolution to undertake digital dieting allows for the limiting of poor digital “calories” from an over-indulgence in screen-time. While eating too much food may lead to obesity and related health issues, excessive low quality information is rarely seen as a problem.

A balanced diet and exercise can help manage food calories, but without the skills of media and information literacy, we can scroll through low quality online information (fake news anyone?) that fills our day yet does not enable intellectual challenge or thinking. Constant digital connection can cause poor time management, poor sleep quality and less fulfilling personal connections. Some options for digital dieting include:

  1. Cold Turkey Diet

That’s right, turn the devices off and put them away for a select number of hours/days/ weeks. Let people who are likely to get in touch know about your plan.

  1. The 5:2 Weekend Diet

Make a commitment to turn devices off during the weekend. This will not only allow a sense of calm and space for the mind, but allow for better interactions with friends and family.

  1. Challenge Diet

Why not get the family involved. Collect devices in a container for a set period of time. The person to break first is assigned chores while the person who holds out the longest is rewarded.

  1. The Balanced Diet

Set a designated amount of time aside daily to deal with emails or social media. Why not make the first and last couple of hours of the day a device free time to unwind, read, meditate, talk with family.

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