MoodleNet integration for 4.0

As part of recent major release of Moodle LMS 4.0, MoodleNet has now been integrated.

MoodleNet is an open, social, media platform for educators, initially focused on sharing and curating collections of open content. It is a central place from where educators can easily detect quality content to meet the needs of their learners and courses.

If the integration is enabled on your Moodle site, which it is by default for LMS 4.0, a user with the capability to create and manage activities can browse MoodleNet via the activity chooser and import MoodleNet resources into their course. In addition, a user with the capability to restore backups can select a backup file on MoodleNet and restore it into Moodle.

Moodle’s vision is to “Empower educators” and MoodleNet is the content solution for educators all over the world.

MoodleNet is federated and uses flexible Open Education Technology that is not controlled by a single entity, or subject to a single point of failure. This means that despite the MoodleNet site that Moodle will maintain, organisations and individuals will be able to create their own MoodleNet instances. These MoodleNet instances may be connected to the Moodle’s MoodleNet site or other MoodleNet sites allowing users to search at once and access resources from different instances.

To ensure quick and easy resource retrieval, MoodleNet is going to use a number of metadata to accurately describe each resource, following international standards. Resources will be described among others, by: education level, subject, license, educational type, technical format, and language.

MoodleNet principles

The principles underpinning MoodleNet will be: openness, transparency, safety, security, connectivity, privacy, ethos.

  • Openness: Open Source. Open Pedagogy. Open Content. Open to all educators to discuss, share and work together to build a better future.
  • Transparency: Built in the open, based on suggestions from the community, with MoodleNet you are welcome to observe and participate in what happens behind the scenes.
  • Safety: Secure, standards-based, and GDPR-compliant. MoodleNet communities are moderated by you and your peers, not by a single central organisation.
  • Connectivity: Bringing educators together from around the world, MoodleNet exists to create new connections and strengthen existing ones.
  • Privacy: MoodleNet is developed using a Privacy By Design approach, meaning you can share as much about yourself as you are comfortable with.
  • Ethos: Unlike most other platforms, MoodleNet’s business model does not involve selling user data.