Moodle turns 10

It’s official – Moodle celebrates 10 years! From its humble beginnings more than a decade ago, it has grown to become the world’s most popular learning management system software. Moodle version 1.0 was initially released to the community 20 August 2002. It is now used extensively by numerous organisations in the education, corporate and government sectors.

Moodle was started by Australian developer, Martin Dougiamas in 1999 out of frustration with existing commercial software at the time. Since then the project has grown exponentially in terms of size and activity. Today, Moodle is at version 2.3 has 66337 registered sites in 215 countries using 86 languages with 1,271,769 teachers creating over 6,303,9949 courses. Moodle HQ currently has 27 staff and 54 partner companies in 33 countries.

Happy birthday to Moodle and congratulations to Martin. We’ve been active members of the Moodle Community since 2005 and it’s moments like these that make us proud to be part of such a great community.

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