Moodle Secret Sauce

Learn ‘My Learning Space’s’ Secret Sauce for exceptional Moodle sites. Chad Outten presents 5 ingredients for success: Experience, Design, Assessment, Reporting and Mobile.


Chad Outten from My Learning Space gave a presentation on the ‘Secret Sauce’ for Moodle sites at the recent Moodle Moot Australia in Brisbane in August 2018.  Passionate about learning, Chad has been Moodling since 2004 to improve learners’ educational experiences.  “Education is power” but the big question we face is how best to educate effectively? 


This is the recipe for squeezing more sauce from your Moodle site: 

  1. Experience – the Learner Experience must be exceptional. 
  2. Design – Less is More. 
  3. Assessment – Recognise achievement.
  4. Reporting – Track progress and measure outcomes. 
  5. Mobile – Make your Moodle site mobile friendly. 


Education is best example of this quote: 

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Your Moodle site needs to ensure the learner starts off on the right foot. The Learner Experience must be intuitive, responsive and engaging. The Design of your Moodle site must be simple. Any idiot can make something complicated. Use layouts, chunk the learning into bite-size bits and do anything to avoid the scroll of death. Minimise use of text and maximise multimedia throughout site as appropriate. Remember to be consistent in the design of every course, theme, format, layout and block. 


When it comes to measuring learning through Assessment, the ‘carrot on a stick’ concept comes to play. Learner’s need more carrots motivating them to learn, and most importantly, achievements need to be recognised in tangible ways. Issuing badges for course completion can achieve this recognition. Enable and configure activity tracking to follow your learners progress. Set up course completion status reporting to monitor learner engagement, too. By 2019, 80% of internet use will be on mobile. Therefore, your Moodle site needs to be compatible with, and designed for, mobile technology. Lastly, empower your leaners by providing them with the opportunity to give feedback about the course via forums. 


Adopting My Learning Space’s Secret Moodle Sauce will enhance your ability to empower learners through your Moodle site. Ultimately, better online learning translates to improved performance, be it in the workplace or classroom. And thus, better business outcomes. Don’t hesitate to contact My Learning Space for help implementing these 5 ingredients for success. My Learning Space is an experienced Moodle Partner who can ensure your Moodle site is working at its best for you and your learners. 


Watch the full presentation below and find the slide deck here.