Moodle past, present and future

Let’s celebrate Moodle’s key milestones during the past 20 years, evaluate the present day and gain an insight to the future ahead.

First, we start by fast forwarding to the year 2042 and imagine what Moodle could become in 20 years from now.

Then, we rewind to the beginning, and retrospect how Moodle started and evolved from the first release in 2002.

Next, we look at Moodle in the present day, in 2022. Lastly, we finish with a call to action – for every person to find a way to contribute to the future of the Moodle project.

Here’s the video recording of the presentation by Chad Outten from mylearningspace at Moodle Moot Global 2022. If you enjoy the video, please be sure to like, comment and share with your peers.