Moodle Moot Global Online 2020

The folks at Moodle HQ are organising an online event that truly connects people. It will be held 6-10 July 2020.

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations are embracing remote work, moreover, some have had to move their events online.

At #MootGlobal20, Moodle HQ wants to epitomise the spirit of a face-to-face MoodleMoot to an online format. This includes the presentations, keynotes and workshops, but also the network opportunities and the chance to create synergies connecting Moodlers.

This is about creating something new, exciting, engaging, interesting and playful.

With regard to the format of MootGlobal20, there will be 5 days of workshops, sessions, chats, panels and interactions. 3 streams: Education, Technology and Official MoodleMoots.

Moodle is very much driven by its Community. Therefore, it makes sense communities will be given a voice in the Global Online event. This stream will run in different languages and will be curated by Official MoodleMoot organisers.

Tuesday: French; Wednesday: German; Thursday: Spanish.

The Education and Technology streams will be running for 5 days all in English.

There will also be social activities along the way, which include an online quiz hosted by a British comedian and a virtual treasure hunt.

Follow the link, to learn more about MootGlobal20, to register and submit a presentation. We look forward to seeing you there!