Moodle Cloud

Our friends at Moodle HQ have launched ‘Moodle Cloud’. It’s a brand new service that provides your own free Moodle site in a few minutes – no hassle, no trial, no credit card, no problem.

Moodle Cloud is designed especially for these kind of scenarios:
  • Small organisations with no budget
  • Teachers with a few classes
  • Anyone interested in experimenting with Moodle
Righto. Here’s 3 simple steps to get started…
  1. Point your web browser at http://moodlecloud.com
  2. Click the ‘Sign up’ button to create your free Moodle site with Moodle Cloud today
  3. Complete the online form to get your site

  • Latest Moodle version
  • Big Blue Button conferencing
  • Community resources
  • Monitor usage and statistics
  • Mobile app
Bear in mind, there are some limits in place:
  • 50 user maximum
  • 200MB disk space
  • Web conferencing for 6 attendees only and no recording
  • Standard themes and plugins only
  • One site per phone number (SMS verification, not email)
  • Banner advertising in site footer
Stay calm & happy moodling!