Moodle celebrates 20 years

Happy 20th Birthday, Moodle! We celebrate 20 years since Moodle LMS was first released as an open source software.

From humble beginnings, as part of Martin Dougiamas’ PhD research paper, as soon as Moodle became publicly available, it was quickly downloaded, shared, translated and improved.

Today, Moodle is officially the world’s most popular learning management system with more than 330 million registered users, across 244 countries in 150 languages.


Furthermore, Moodle is driven by its massive global Community of educators, learners, developers, administrators, partners, managers and designers.

Moodle HQ x Partners at EduTech Australia 2022. Left to Right: Gavin Lindeman (Lingel Learning), Colin Grant (mylearningspace), Fiona Ong (Moodle), Chad Outten (mylearningspace), Martin Dougiamas (Moodle), Andrew Boag (Catalyst), Marie Achour (Moodle).

At mylearningspace, we are proud to be part of the Moodle Community. We have been a part of its evolution since the early years and are excited about what Moodle’s future will bring to the quality of education, globally.

Chad Outten, Founder & CEO, mylearningspace

Moodle started as one man’s vision, Martin Dougiamas – he planted a seed, and we are all nurturing its growth. Indeed, everything has led to this. Moodle is empowering educators to improve our world.