Moodle 3 Administration

Moodle 3 Administration is a book written by Alex Büchner. It focuses on basic tasks such as Moodle setup and configuration and how to perform daily administrative tasks, through to more advanced topics including user and course management, mobile use, data security, reporting, plugins and web services.

This book is written for technicians, system administrators or any person responsible for the administration of a Moodle site. It will teach you to:

  • Install and update Moodle
  • Manage courses, categories, users, cohorts and roles
  • Get Moodle hooked up to repositories, portfolios and open badges
  • Configure Moodle for mobile use
  • Guarantee data backups, security and privacy
  • Configure Moodle events to generate reports, statistics and learning analytics
  • Network Moodle with Mahara and extend it with third-party add-ons
  • Customize Moodle web services to enable mobile learning and integration with other systems

My Learning Space was asked to review this publication and we valued the opportunity to work with the author and published during the editing phase. We recommend this book.

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