Moodle 3.6 is Here!


After a bit of a wait, Moodle 3.6 is finally here! And it is worth the wait! Download the latest feature and improvement rich release here



As Certified Partners of Moodle Australia, My Learning Space is very exciting about the new update that has benefits for learners, instructors and administrators. With so much going on, here is a quick overview of what Moodle v3.6 has on offer. Check out the video below, too. 

Course Overview Improvements

Navigating through courses and assignments is now easier, with the ability to customise your dashboard by starring or hiding certain content. Keep better track of deadlines and sort and filter them easily with the new Timeline block, also on the dashboard.


Messaging Improvements 

Enjoy greater control over messaging and a new group messaging feature. You’ll no longer have to message each member of a course individually and instead, can pose questions to a group simply through the messaging tool. 


Additional Privacy Settings

Built upon the privacy work in Moodle 3.5 for GDPR, Moodle v3.6 comes with more customisable privacy settings and options. These improvements include making policy agreements optional, bulk handling of data requests and a new data retention summary page. 


Assignment Feedback

Assignment feedback now supports file and media uploads. Students have been able to record audio and video in assignments for a while. And, Educators asked for this feature in the Grading Centre. Now, when grading assignments, you will now be able to record your feedback as sound or video, and  supplement it with files and images.


Overall, this new update is all about making clean changes and decluttering the user interface for all user-types.The  Moodle v3.6 is released in memory of Tom Murdock, who passed away in November. Always positive, always smiling, Tom was a long-time Moodler and teacher who contributed a great deal to the Moodle program and inspired many students and colleagues.


Download this PDF file for summaries about the changes Moodle v3.6 brings to learners, instructors and administrators.