Moodle 3.10 released

The latest version of Moodle, version 3.10 has been released. As always, there are various new features, feature enhancements, bug fixes and security patches.

This particular release is dedicated to the United Nations – to celebrate their 75th anniversary and recognise their contribution to improving our world.

Here’s an overview of some of the more noteworthy improvements for Moodle 3.10.

Download course content; learners are now able to easily download course content. Currently, the download will contain the content from the File, Folder, Page and Label resources in the course. An API has been developed to allow this functionality to be extended to the other Moodle activities and resources down the track.

H5P improvements; numerous improvements including the ability to download and replace content in the content bank, to customise the style of H5P packages and it is now possible to save grades from embedded H5P content in the gradebook.

Payment gateway; the introduction of a new payment system provides more flexibility and control for those who offer courses for a fee. Multiple accounts can be linked to a PayPal payment gateway, and the payment system can be extended in the future to allow additional payment gateways.

Quiz improvements; numerous quiz improvements, including a quiz timer that scrolls down the page along with the user; a new completion option based on the number of attempts completed and the option to specify a maximum file size for essay type questions.

LTI improvements; work has progressed on Moodle’s LTI 1.3 Advantage implementation, with the option to return multiple content items at once via deep linking and a simplified LTI setup process that uses dynamic registration to autoconfigure LTI tools.

Improvements for administrators; including additional command line options to upload users and restore a course from a backup file, more information about running scheduled and ad hoc tasks to more easily manage them, and the ability to export and import your site’s local language customisations.

Improvements for developers; including a new API for grade categories, performance improvements to the theme designer mode and a new behat step to help check pages for compliance with the WCAG accessibility standard.

Follow the links to learn more about Moodle 3.10 New Features, read Moodle 3.10 release notes. If your organisation needs help to get started with Moodle, please contact us.

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