Moodle 3.0 released

Moodle 3.0 has landed! This major release combines popularity with efficiency offering enhanced options for installing plugins, new quiz question types, course editing improvements and numerous other features.

When compared with Moodle 2.0, released in 2010, Moodle 3.0 is a more incremental less radical release. Therefore, upgrades from any Moodle 2.x version should be relatively smooth.

As always, a big thank you to the Moodle Community for making it happen: the users, administrators, developers, testers, documentation writers, managers, integrators, Moodle Partners, and of course, Moodle HQ.

Learn more about Moodle 3.0 new features. And here’s the Moodle 3.0 release notes. Find below the video playlist that overviews the release highlights. Happy moodling!