Moodle 2.7 released

Another milestone for Moodle, with the recent release of version 2.7. This release has many new features, enhancements and bug fixes. There’s no doubt something there for everybody: trainers, learners, administrators and developers, alike.

The most notable new features include:

  • Improved interfaces for usability and accessibility on all platforms. Bootstrap themes are now default;
  • Atto editor with tighter integration into Moodle and browsers;
  • ‘More’ theme allowing easy customisation via the user interface;
  • Improved conditional activities supporting more complex boolean operations and plugins;
  • Mathematical equation editor that works on all browsers, including tablets and phones;
  • Logging infrastructure allowing interesting things to be done with usage data, including analytics;
  • Scheduled Tasks – allowing precise scheduling of tasks even on complex clustered servers;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Long Term Support (LTS) for security and data loss bug fixes for 3 years (until May 2017).

Follow the links to read the official Moodle 2.7 release notes and Moodle 2.7 new features page.

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