LMS Report 2008

In a recent research report conducted by the e-Learning Guild, leading commercial and open-source learning management systems were analysed. The report is titled: “Learning Management Systems – the good, the bad, the ugly,…and the truth”. Data was compiled from LMS survey responses from over 1250 Guild members, learning modality preferences from over 2350 members, and market share data from over 5800 Guild members employed in organisations of various size and industry sector.

Here’s an overview of the key report findings.

  • 95.5% of respondents believe a learning management system allows better learning distribution in their organisation
  • 8.6% of respondents indicated they use Moodle. This was the most popular learning management system

Moodle ranked first among all learning management systems surveyed for the following metrics:

  • Cost
  • Ease of installation, customisation and use
  • Implementation time
  • Business impact
  • Assessment capabilities
  • Support for web 2.0