Interactive Videos

Using videos as a component of your eLearning is a good idea; interactive videos are even better.

You may wonder how you can make a video interactive. There are a quite a number of ways as it turns out.  The basic concept behind this “interactivity” is that the video becomes a learning object that can be used in conjunction with interactive elements. Let’s examine a few.

The  first involves an assessment. Let’s say you are showing someone how to surf. There are various techniques to deal with waves that break in front of you, depending on the size of the wave and the type of board you have. You might film a video showing the techniques.  After watching the video you present the learner with a scenario. You follow the video with an interactive quiz showing three types of surfboards and three types of waves, and have the learner match the surfboard and technique to the video or still frame of the wave.

Another technique is to break the video down into smaller chunks. Let’s return to the surf training again.  You may film a rider on a long board selecting the right wave, paddling into it, standing up and turning. The video may be 2 minutes long to demonstrate all the elements in the process. But it can obviously be divided up into four 30-second micro-lessons showing each step in the process.

Use your video as a platform to other learning objects. Remember that a video can be linked to other formats of information such as diagrams, .pdfs, or animations that will give the learner further detailed information. These videos rollover hotspots become gateways where learners can peel back the images to reveal more information.

Branching scenerarios can also be an effective way to challenge the viewer to think about what they are watching. For example, let’s say you are showing different ways to hold a sales demonstration. One video may show a sharp sales presentation and give you reasons why it was sharp; the other video may show the same meeting with a poor presentation and ask you why the presentation isn’t working. These are very effective ways to communicate information and can be done with a touch of humor to make them really engaging.

By better managing your videos you can help your learners focus on particular elements of your training.

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