Improving Learner Engagement

At My Learning Space, we hear so much about the importance of Learner Engagement. At My Learning Space, we hear so much about the importance of Learner Engagement. Organisations recognise the importance well-trained employees, however, it costs. Learn how to improve your learners’ engagement with online training programs to boost L&D performance and budget efficiencies.


So, how do we improve Learner Engagement?


The Content Consumption Experience 

We live in a fast-paced world. Good learning content will inspire, but first it must capture attention. Secondly, your content needs to be concise and interesting enough to retain the learner’s attention. Use a mix of media types to train your learner, including video clips, animation, forums, images and infographics. Not only does this help you satisfy all learning types, but keeps your learner engaged with new and refreshing content every time they sit down to complete modules.



Gamification is often recognised as a highly effective tool to improve learner engagement as it requires active interaction with the learning content. People participate in games because the challenge is exciting and the validation of winning feels good. Gamification holds learners’ attention and motivates them, given their are striving towards a reward. When the reward is attained, endorphins are released, making the player feel positive about their experience as well as placing them in a position to retain more information. These rewards can be a simple as reaching a new level, and so it is easy to take advantage of this effect. In saying this, gamification is not the solution for improving learner engagement in all cases and must be developed to support business goals. 


Discussion Boards/Social Learning 

Humans are social creatures who are innately motivated to connect with others and become part of a community. By providing your learners with opportunities to collaborate with others within an online community will boost engagement and interaction. We all have something to learn and to teach, and social learning allows people to share what they know and learn from others a non-hierarchical environment. Therefore, foster a healthy degree of interaction by introducing discussion boards.



Personalisation is a growing value globally. Mass marketing has seen its day, and people want organisations and brands to recognise them as an individual with different needs from others. Providing a “just-for-me” experience is essential in improving learner engagement. This can be achieved by personalise-able dashboards where learners can choose what and where  information is displayed on their training homepage. If content is available in several media types, learners can also choose to learn in a way that resonates best with their learning style. This empowers your learner whiling giving them the opportunity to increase their engagement. 


Final Thought 

Learner engagement can be improved in many ways, and these are just a few suggestions. However, it is essential to consider how to best capture the learners attention and keep them engaged in the learning experience, especially in eLearning.  My Learning Space specialises in content design that optimises learner engagement with proven success. A previous client stated: .

My Learning Space’s knowledge of the eLearning industry is outstanding and has provided us with excellent outcomes. I would have no hesitation in recommending the My Learning Space team to anyone in the eLearning space. – Club Training Australia 

If you have any questions about improving learner engagement or want to talk about Learning Management Systems, our friendly team are ready to talk to you