iiNet responds to compliance requirements with Totara LMS

iinetiiNet is Australia’s second largest DSL Internet Service Provider and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market.

Their vision is to lead the market with services that harness the potential of the Internet and then differentiate with award-winning customer service, and they have locations in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Challenge

iiNet operates in a fast-paced, changing environment, with the need to stay on top of a number of changing training requirements.

Firstly, they needed access to reporting tools to provide and track important data, especially for compliance.

Secondly, they needed a quicker way to distribute learning, to provide feedback to learners and to provide an evaluation of learning to the L&D team.

Finally, with having multiple sites over three countries presented a challenge in terms of delivering a consistent training solution for all staff.

The Solution

iiNet looked at how they can create a smarter way of working and make use of the administration efficiencies afforded by Totara LMS. They chose to work with Totara Partner My Learning Space to help them move away from paper-based assessments and multiple choice questions to a more modern way of delivering training.

Totara LMS is really easy to use from an administrative point of view. – Mark Hamlett, Trainer at iiNet

Smarter, faster working

A single sign-on solution with an internal HRIS system means that employee data is pulled through automatically into the LMS. Now over 2,500 staff can get their training delivered quickly with e-learning modules and with immediate online assessment feedback.

The use of Hierarchies to set up a departmental structure within Totara LMS has enabled iiNet to create targeted reporting for management within the organisation to track learning progress.

As well as this, audiences based on where employees are in the organisation helps to target specific training and produce specific reports to track compliance needs.

Internal stakeholders have more information when they need it

There has been a positive reaction from staff. Using their ‘My Learning’ dashboard, they can quickly access their learning. Using the Audience feature, for example, staff are auto-enrolled in the required compliance modules.

In the near future managers will also get instant access to reports so that they can see who has done what training.

The reaction has been so positive we’ve had other departments come to us to see how they can use the LMS for their training. – Mark Hamlett

Transformation of learning delivery

Switching to Totara LMS has enabled iiNet to move from a paper-based assessment system to using online tools which enable faster feedback for learners and managers. This has enabled the learning and development team to be more agile and react faster.

The development of much of iiNet’s online learning has been moved in-house, bringing both cost savings and a faster delivery speed to the organisation. iiNet works alongside its in-house teams as they build new technology solutions, ensuring the training is ready to go when the technology is delivered to our staff and customers.

The fact that our development time is quick and we can roll out learning to 2,500 users in a few clicks is a real benefit to our business. – Mark Hamlett

iinet lms

The Results

My Learning Space worked with iiNet to design a Totara LMS implementation that aligned with the challenges they face as an organisation.

Totara LMS now supports how quickly iiNet can react to changing compliance needs within the Australian telecoms industry, and has improved their speed of delivery to over 2,500 staff. It has completely transformed how iiNet delivers learning and reacts to business performance needs.

It has also empowered managers to get the information they need to support staff performance, giving them an accurate overview of how their teams and the individuals within them are performing.

As well as this, it is now significantly easier for iiNet to manage its mandatory training needs. iiNet can now be confident that all of its employees are being delivered up to the moment training with a consistent message across all sites, with the ability to track training back to employees and deliver completion reporting to managers quickly and efficiently.

We’ve really enjoyed using Totara LMS and being able to easily mould it to the way our business needs to deliver learning – Mark Hamlett, Trainer at iiNet

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