How to reduce online learning costs

The eLearning Guild recently asked its members to contribute to an e-learning cost-savings survey. According to the survey, respondents deemed the following as some of the more common ‘costs’ associated with eLearning:

  • Content development
  • Course design and development
  • Authoring and multimedia development tools
  • Course maintenance
  • Infrastructure – Learning Management System
  • Staffing and management
  • IT support
  • Professional development to keep up with tools and technologies

Top tips from respondents on how to reduce costs and improve results for course development included:

1. Good software offer better tools, support and value for money

2. Shorten courses to include only essentials

3. Use screencasts

4. Develop content once, use many times

5. Combine technologies – blend learning

6. Mobile content for mobile staff

7. Let learners create learning content

Reference: Shank, P. (2011) The eLearning Guild’s 75 Tips to Reduce eLearning Costs.