Henley Properties builds culture of learning with Totara Learn

Henley is one of the most trusted and acclaimed names in the Australian building industry. For more than 29 years, Henley has been building new homes, introducing new ideas and placing smiles on the faces of tens of thousands of satisfied customers. 

The Challenge

Business was going well at Henley, however until recently learning was a low priority and efficiency was an unknown word. The legacy LMS was last updated in 2006. Henley recently appointed a new Learning & Development Manager who is responsible for improving workplace learning and staff performance. The business had been reluctant to change without a strong business case and low investment risk. Henley decided to engage Totara Partner, My Learning Space – and the new learning journey begins. 

The Solution

Henley required a learning management system to help them more efficiently deliver staff induction, compliance and job-specific training. They selected Totara Learn as their preferred solution owing to its rich feature set, customisability and value for money. 

Henley engaged with My Learning Space as their trusted Totara Partner to take care of the more technical aspects of the project. Services delivered include system implementation, configurations, branding, single sign-on authentication, training, and support. 

Moreover, Henley has been able to launch their staff training solution much quicker than anticipated by a virtue of a direct integration with ready-to-use content from the GO1 marketplace. This includes a range of workplace behaviour, information safety and professional development courses. 

The Results

Thanks to My Learning Space and Totara Learn, Henley Properties has seen the following results across the organisation: 

  • Introduction of microlearning, and less time spent in the classroom. 
  • Easy access for remote workers, mobile device friendliness.
  • Customisation, turn on/introduce features of the system as people get used to the new system in place. 

Totara enabled us to be flexible and agile, to manage the culture change and promote learning, resulting in users accepting this system as part of their toolbox, not another ‘to-do’ HR wants to implement.

Tanzil Rashid, L&D Manager, Henley Properties