Enterprise Social Network

Research shows that 70% of workplace learning takes place in real-life, on-the-job experiences, so you need clever systems that support informal and social learning activities.

Social learning and networking is essential for collaborative working in the internet age. While public social networks have become part of our daily lives, the co-creation of content, communication, sharing of ideas, resources and company policies needs secure spaces for your organisation or extended enterprise. You should own your data and set your own policies for its usage!

Totara Social is an open source Enterprise Social Network (ESN) designed to manage and connect your people to the knowledge and resources within your organisation.

Totara Social supports the popular 70:20:10 learning model which has a strong focus on informal and workplace learning. With Totara Social, staff can network, share ideas and tap into expert networks.

Totara Social opens the flow of knowledge and is a driver for collaboration throughout your organisation. Social learning is about conversation and collaboration. It is centred on individuals coming together often in unstructured ways – sharing and creating new information, bouncing ideas around, asking questions and finding out what’s really happening.

Use Totara Social as your ESN to become more adaptable, to learn, share information and innovate at speed. Complement the organising power of the LMS with Totara Social – fun, social, effective!

Learn more today about Totara Social. Contact your local Totara Partner, My Learning Space