Creating a calm and productive workplace – Part 2


It’s no surprise that noise and a lack of privacy are a major cause of irritation in the workplace. The trend towards open plan office areas poses the challenge of maintaining employee privacy and minimising distraction for those in earshot of the speaker. To create a workplace where noise is minimised, why not explore the use of moveable glass panel walls which allow for light and line of sight, while reducing sound transfer. Investing in sound absorbing ceiling panels can minimise noise and sound booths/ dedicated meeting rooms are great for allowing employees to have an area for connection and collaboration. A simple investment in headphones and a calming app can also give employees an alternative option for quiet time. 


To foster a sense of community and to create a balance between work and play, having a ‘break area’ or kitchenette with a coffee machine and a water fountain can do wonders at maintaining the physical and emotional balance of the employee.


We all love the comforts of home –  the comfy sofa with cushy pillows, the body contouring chair and luxurious sink in it bean bag. Why not provide the same cozy atmosphere at work which allows the mind to focus on the task at hand, rather try to get comfortable. On the same token, if the employee has a job requiring them to sit for hours, give them the option of a stand up desk or an ergonomic chair. It’s these small details which can make the workplace zen and attractive for an employee.