Considerations to become an RTO

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO)  is a private or government sector entity that provides vocational education to students, this includes training and certification to enable them to work in various industries. RTO certificates form part of the Australian Qualification Training Framework (AQTF).

If you’re considering the pros and cons of becoming an RTO – do give due diligence to the processes of accreditation and compliance. Moreover, ensure the potential long-term benefits to your business outweigh the costs involved in the process.

There are some important and necessary steps that must be taken to become an RTO:

  • To become an accredited organisation, an organisation must first state its intentions by applying to the State and Territory Register/course accreditation board in which their home office is located or register in the state where the training programs will be held;
  • A prospective organisation must also have legal access to an AQTF qualification that is recognised in Australia and also meets the training delivery requirements of the AQTF;
  • For continued approval for the operation of an RTO, documented evidence on how the organisation is run, how they meet the AQTF, and what long term plans are in place to maintain and improve on the available standards;
  • If the credentials provided for running the organisation are checked and accepted, auditors are then sent by the AQTF to audit the organisations and see if they actually meet the set standards;
  • Admission and registration processes are also well monitored by the relevant authorities to make sure set standards and practices are met;
  • An RTO should also be ready to produce long term plans on sustaining the organisation.

Despite the mandatory requirements to become an RTO and maintain eligible status, the financial rewards can make it a worthwhile business proposition. Benefits include:

  • They provide qualifications for nationally accredited courses that are valued in Australia;
  • RTOs have their businesses on the registry of National Training Information Services which is a directory used by employers to search for prospective employees;
  • RTOs also have the privilege to apply for government loans and grants which can be invested both in operating the business and the Vocational Education Institute.
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