Compliance Training – Let Your LMS Do The Work

Compliance training is a necessary obligation for many government agencies that have to stay on top of changing rules and regulations for legal reasons.

That fact of life is prompting government departments to turn to online delivery of compliance training to keep their employees updated. But companies faced with the same operational problems look at compliance training as a painful necessity. It doesn’t have to be.

Compliance training fits nicely into the exact structure of a Learning Management System (LMS). A company faced with compliance training obligations can meet those requirements in fairly quick order by creating an online training program that can dispatch that training efficiently and keep track of the results electronically.

Moodle is an open-source LMS that has the necessary backbone to roll out compliance training quickly. It allows users to painlessly upload documents, multimedia, and assessments to a template than can be customised if needed. There are compelling reasons to turn to the LMS as your repository of compliance training.

  • You have an audit trail for completion
  • You can add social media apps to create a collaborative workspace
  • You can update content quickly as changes happen
  • You can organise training schedules quickly
  • You can add certifications of completion to the training
  • You can structure the training to adapt to mobile platforms

One recent survey conducted by CGS Enterprise Learning on corporate learning trends in 2017 found that compliance and technical training are considered to be a priority by a third of the 200 respondents. Also ranking up on the priority list are soft skills like communication and working collaboratively. Both goals can be achieved via the right mix of content, structure, and implementation.

The survey also produced some interesting results on what constitutes a good ROI on learning dollar invested. The most important analytics were:

Employee engagement; Business metrics (revenue and reduced costs);Onboarding success rates/Time to performance; and Rentention rates vs Costs-to-hire.

Get the new year on positive footing by saving time and money with your compliance training.

As a Moodle partner, My Learning Space can help you quickly launch your LMS to deliver compliance training.