Avoiding Vendor Lock-In

A recent survey of IT executives by Wakefield Research found that almost 80% of IT executives were not taking full advantage of cloud-based services because they were concerned about vendor lock-in.

What is meant by vendor lock-in?
Many companies, including those who offer cloud-hosting LMS services, require their clients to use third party software bundled into their platform. Examples abound of big players like Microsoft who required their clients to use internal API’s because the source code is so embedded in their product, that it would be close to impossible to use another provider.
The same holds true for LMS providers who offer you a “turnkey” product that embeds third party software that you may not want nor like.  Switching midstream costs you time and money.  You are literally “locked in” to their way of doing things.
This can create long delays in implementing an LMS when it comes to integration/migration.
To make sure you are not locked in to a specific vendor package, you should go with companies that allow you to determine what software packages you want included in your LMS. A hosting service, for example, that will provide you a flexible backbone to flesh out your LM S and play around with it until you are happy.
As a Software as Service (SaaS) company, My Learning Space allows you that choice.  Instead of locking you into a specific suite of software packages, we provide you with a hosting service using one of PC’s Magazine’s highest rated LMS providers, Moodle.  Moodle is open source, which means you can tinker with it to get what you want. It is also highly customisable with a large range of plug-ins.
Our Totara LMS platform also gives you the freedom to choose how your want your LMS to behave with additional features such as a social networking component.
At the end of the day, you want the building blocks to design what you want to deliver how you want it.  My Learning Space gives you that flexibility.
Contact us with any questions to see how we can “unlock” your LMS potential.