Activity requirements in Moodle 4.0

Moodle LMS 4.0’s enhanced learning experience enables learners to focus on the task at hand, to prioritise their work, and to clearly see what they have to do, and when. One of these enhancements is activity completion: what learners have to do so that an activity or assessment is considered done.

See detailed to-do’s at a glance 

When learners access their courses on Moodle 4.0, they see all activities and resources neatly displayed in cards. As learners scroll down the course, they can easily identify what they need to do for each activity and resource, as it is shown on the right hand side of each card on a grey pill. Learners can also see these requirements once they click into one of the activities.

Some examples of these requirements, or to-do’s, are viewing a file, posting a discussion in a forum, submitting a file, or making a choice in a choice activity.

Once learners complete tasks, the grey pills become green and the activity is displayed as done.

Get an overview of course progress

Besides the detailed to-do’s on each card along the course page, learners can also see which activities or resources have a to-do in the new course index. The course index is a drawer on the left hand side of the course that displays all course content in a list, which learners can use to see all content at a glance as well as navigate to each activity or section by clicking on it.

Activities that have a to-do, have a grey dot next to their name in the course index. Once learners have completed these to-do’s, the dots become green. This gives learners a quick view of their progress in the course and helps them estimate how much coursework is left.

Learn more about activity completion in Moodle 4.0 in this video. This article was original published on moodle.com.