Edutech 2014

Edutech 2014 was held in June at the Brisbane Convention Centre. The Edutech conference is a great forum to share ideas, successes, and the challenges facing the learning and development community. We share with you the biggest themes facing the VET industry and Workplace Training. We also look at what’s new in digital technologies.

Key themes in the VET industry

One of the key themes highlighted at the VET Leaders Congress was  mobile learning and what you should do to implement a mLearning strategy in your organisation.

Also noted was the preparedness of Registered Training Organisations for embracing the virtual classroom and the transition into eLearning should be managed.

Key themes in Workplace Learning

A number of themes were at the centre of discussion at the Workplace Learning Congress.

  • eLearning and video: knowing when to choose the right medium for training
  • the latest telecommunication technologies for virtual conferencing
  • exploring how the corporate sector is integrating MOOCs into their online learning environment
  • understanding how training simulations can add value to training
  • evaluating wearable technology and how it may transform workplace learning
  • My Learning Space has already explored several of these key themes in our articles.

Technology on show

One piece emerging technology that saw some airtime on news was 3D printing. 3D printing is a method for making an object from a three-dimensional digital model. 3D printing allows learners to have practical experience with learning; for example, learners can use 3D printing to bring objects out of the computer screen into their own hands, to physically manipulate the object for inspection and analysis. 3D printing has potential to bridge the gap between our natural world and the digital world.

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