Industry Graduates

Industry Graduates provides professional development by combining industry experts with a range of accreditation options. They offer a blended learning approach, delivering skills that lead to positive professional outcomes.

The Challenge

Industry Graduates needed their own student platform for learners. They were not looking for a traditional LMS, but a social platform to encourage discussion, learner progression, completion and outcomes.


As they use a number of expert training partners, they needed to have a central place to engage with their students. They also needed an opportunity for their industry partners, member associations and recruitment companies to engage directly with students, build a network and maintain relationships.

Industry Graduates is not only looking to connect with enrolled students, but also the wider community, providing solutions to the issues with traditional training models. Through the platform, organisations are able to promote the benefits of working for their company, the industry and the career opportunities available, all while continuing to engage with the wider community.

The Solution

Totara Social met Industry Graduates’ needs through the ability to have a public forum for engagement, as well as additional exclusive services and benefits for enrolled students. Industry Graduates chose to work with Totara Partner My Learning Space to design and deliver the platform across the organisation.

The Tenant function has enabled Industry Graduates to give each industry in which they currently specialise (Business, Hospitality & Early Childhood Education) to have its own look and feel, catering to the audience needs.

One of the key attributes that attracted Industry Graduates to Totara Social was the ability for learners to engage directly with industries through groups and forum discussion topics.

My Learning Space ensured that the Totara Social solution was easy to use, with all of the features and functionality Industry Graduates needed to provide an appealing social space. This included being able to create different levels of engagement based on the stakeholders, the ability to customise groups and access levels and the ability to have separate tenants.

The Results

Thanks to My Learning Space and Totara Social, Industry Graduates have now realised several important benefits.

Firstly, they now have the ability to see and engage with learners while they are accessing the platform, making it more engaging and interactive. They can also use the platform as a communication tool to facilitate meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing.

The ability to create customised tenant experiences for learners according to their industry has also been highly beneficial, helping to create more personalised, targeted learning experiences.

As well as this, learner-to-learner engagement has significantly improved, enabling users to establish and maintain relationships more easily and to learn from one another.

Finally, learners can use the platform to access online learning material, keeping all of their resources in one place for a more streamlined learning experience.

Totara Social is a valuable tool used by Industry Graduates to engage with learners. The platform is simple to use and administer, with the flexibility to customise solutions as required. – Luke Linnan, Director, Industry Graduates