Cuscal is a provider of payment solutions, including cards , mobile payments, fraud prevention, EFT switching and direct entry.

Cuscal processes 13% of Australia’s EFT transactions, switches for around ⅓ of Australia’s ATMs, and manages over 6.5 million cards.

It also owns and operates the well-known rediATM network throughout Australia.

With a staff base of over 400 people Australia-wide and a large partnership of more than 100 clients in the financial services, airlines, fintech and retail industries, Cuscal’s internal and external training provision needs to be innovative, professional, accessible and user friendly.

Ann-Maree Attard, training specialist at Cuscal, uses the Moodle software to deliver training to staff and clients around the country.

“Prior to Moodle, our learning management system was only for internal use,” said Ms Attard.

Compliance training to staff was being delivered through powerpoint presentations, which was a very static way of learning. Being internal use only, we were also not able to provide an e-training environment for our clients. Face to face training was the only option for our clients.

Cuscal needed a learning management system that would be accessible for internal and external use, is user friendly and easy to access and implement.

“All of these elements were especially important to me when deciding which system to use, as I am the only trainer in the team,” commented Ms Attard.

After doing research and asking for recommendations from people in the industry, Moodle kept coming up as one of the most commonly used and user friendly system.

“Cuscal started using Moodle in 2014. We worked with Moodle Partner, My Learning Space to tailor and customise the system to meet our company needs,” explained Ms Attard.

Moodle is being used at Cuscal to deliver blended e-learning programs for staff and clients.

Clients are now able to access important background information such as a high level overview of the different components of the payment industry and how Cuscal fits into the banking sector.

They are also using the eight learning modules such as payments fundamentals, completing quizzes and viewing resources which are all available through their Moodle powered system.

Ms Attard explained that on an internal level, she uses Moodle to deliver compliance training to staff and uses the e-learning form file to create a typical lesson module, which normally includes quizzes, SCORM packages, resources and form packages.

Moodle is also being used internally by the HR team to facilitate training for all staff and a specific program for the leadership team.

“We’ve come a long way in the last 12 months in using Moodle effectively for more and more of our professional development and training, for staff and clients,” said Ms Attard.

“The training and information provided by My Learning Space, through their personal and online help desk, has been very helpful in facilitating that.”

Our clients love that we are moving forward with the times and providing them with e-learning options. It means that our clients do not have to leave their offices to get the training, making working life a lot easier for them.

“Internally, what I can see is that staff appreciate that they now have access to more learning programs.”

“And on a personal level, I find Moodle relatively easy to use and navigate, compared to other learning management systems. It is pretty intuitive.”

For more information about Cuscal Ltd and its role as a leading provider of payment solutions in Australia, please visit www.cuscal.com.au

To get in touch with My Learning Space, one of Moodle’s Certified Partners in Australia, please visit https://www.mylearningspace.com.au

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