Totara – Hierarchies and frameworks

Hierarchies in Totara allow you to set up various frameworks that best represent the structure of your organisation. This enables you to input the structures and relationships of job positions and different sections of your organisation. Learning can then be mapped to individual job roles, management levels, departments, teams and groups.

Hierarchies are highly configureable to provide the structures which facilitate position and organisation specific learning plans, competency evaluation and management.

Totara allows you to map learning to job positions and organisational levels

Competency development

  • Define hierarchies for job positions, organisational structure and competencies
  • Hierarchy frameworks can use as many levels as you need
  • Multiple frameworks can be created for different parts of the organisation

Bringing it all together

  1. Assign learners to organisations and positions
  2. Assign competencies to organisations and positions
  3. Assign courses to any competencies
  4. Courses and competencies then automatically appear in learning plans

Reporting capabilities

  • Organisation hierarchies allow for reporting ‘down the management tree’
  • Detailed reports can be compiled for any level within the organisation

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