Moodle LMS 3.11 is released

Moodle LMS 3.11 is now available! It is the culmination of more than 6 months of collaboration by the Moodle Community, including Moodle HQ, Partners, Moodle Users Association, developers, QA testers, educators and end-users.

There have been some terrific improvements in Moodle 3.11. Here is a summary of the headline features in this particular release:

  • Improved activity completion; students can quickly see what they need to do to complete the course and by when. By clearly displaying the activity due date information and the completion requirements, both on the course page and inside the activity, it is now easier than ever for students to understand what to do next.
  • Accessibility Toolkit; Moodle has partnered with Brickfield Education Labs to further improve the accessibility of the Moodle platform. The toolkit enables teachers and course creators to check the content of their course for common accessibility issues. After identifying the accessibility concerns the toolkit provides direct links to areas that need improving. A heatmap overlay on the course page clearly visualises the key areas to focus on first.
  • Open Badges v2.1; Moodle 3.11 now supports Open Badges v2.1. As part of this Moodle implements the Badge Connect API which provides a standardised authorisation service that allows users to easily access and exchange badges from and to their backpacks.
  • Quiz improvements; there are a number of quiz improvements, including: support for plagiarism checking and word counts in essay questions, question settings are now retained as user preferences to save educators time in creating questions, and a number of UI improvements.
  • H5P improvements; administrators have the option to disable specific content types, content creators can keep their H5P package unlisted while they are working on it, and it is now possible to check the number of times a particular H5P package has been used on the site. 
  • Other improvements include the ability to change audio and video playback speed in the media player and support for shared drives in the Google Drive repository.

For more specifics, be sure to check out the Moodle LMS 3.11 new features page. For the complete list of improvements, please refer to the Moodle LMS 3.11 release notes. Happy Moodling!