Custom reporting with Moodle LMS 4.0

Custom reports are a powerful feature of Moodle Workplace to create, share and schedule custom reports using pre-defined data sources. From Moodle LMS 4.0 onwards, custom reports are part of the Moodle LMS package and provide it with enhanced reporting functionality.

Create reports with data that matters to you

Moodle Administrators can create custom reports at cohort, course, or user levels. The new Report builder enables administrators to choose which information they would like in their reports and to easily arrange it by drag and dropping columns.

Filters and conditions are also available to refine reports and show only the relevant data.

Share your reports with relevant stakeholders

can access, and view the report. Audiences can be based on specific system roles, named individuals or members of a cohort on the Moodle site.

Once the audience has been defined, Moodle administrators can schedule automatic deliveries of the report and make sure it reaches the right people at the right time.

Learn more about Custom reports in this short video or read more in our Moodle documentation. This article was originally published on moodle.com.