Club Training: Getting Your Volunteers Up to Speed

If you are managing a club where employees have to have minimum levels of training, then implementing an online club training can save you time, money and maybe even lives.

An overstatement? Not really. A prime example of this example of online club training is Surf Life Savers, Australia’s volunteers who patrol our beaches and keep people from drowning. If you haven’t seen them in action, then take a look at this dramatic You Tube promotional video before you read further.


Surf  Life Saves Queensland is one of the states that offers its volunteers online training before they practice rescue techniques in the water or render first aid.

What kind of courses are available to our volunteers in the red and yellow caps? First, Every active member of SLSQ is required to complete an annual proficiency test including both theory and practical assessment. The theory component has about forty multiple choice questions which can be completed online.

When participants complete the theory part of the course they can print out their certificate and present it for the practical proficiency assessment. This blended approach saves time and reduces the need for classroom instruction. (See MLS Blog article: How to manage your Corporate LMS: Blended versus Online)

Surf Life Savers Queensland also offers a First Aid course online which is also a good application of blended learning. Participants complete an online workbook and then participate in a face-to-face 2-day course for the hands-on component of the course. It’s stinger season on the beaches of Southeast Queensland, so the practical aspect of this training is always in need. As are good fast responses for swimmers who get in trouble.

Lifeguards are also taking part in this blended online theory/practical proficiency course.

Other clubs that are thinking about transitioning to online training can also save themselves a lot of money and energy in their training by using an online LMS to deliver their training. It is a small initial investment to insure that staff or volunteers have the updated skills they need to provide the public with what they expect, which can ultimately save lives.

My Learning Space can help your club implement an online training program. Contact us for details.