Moodle Research Conference

The inaugural Moodle Research Conference was held on 14-15 September 2012 in Crete, Greece and attended by 120 delegates from 22 countries.

One of the key drivers for the event was the lack of empirical data from case studies related to the use of learning management systems. 24 papers and 7 short papers were reviewed and presented covering the following topics:

  • Research studies and case studies on teaching with Moodle;
  • Mobile Learning with Moodle;
  • Innovative Moodle plug-ins;
  • Learning Analytics in Moodle;
  • Collaborative Learning with Moodle;
  • Moodle communities of practice;
  • Interoperability with Moodle;
  • Accessibility in Moodle;
  • Adaptivity in Moodle.

For the benefit of the Moodle Community, the conference proceedings, including full, short and positional papers have been compiled in a single document. Follow the link to view the proceedings from the Moodle Research Conference 2012.

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